Atwaters new beers are part of a brand overhaul

Atwater's new beers are part of a brand overhaul

Atwater Brewery's Going Steady IPA, Corktown Rye IPA and Tunnel Ram 

Category - Beer (for abvs, see below)

Available - From next month

Location - Canada, US (in 27 states)

Price - TBC

Atwater Brewery is to launch three new beers as part of an overhaul of the Detroit company's brand identity. Going Steady IPA, Corktown Rye IPA and Tunnel Ram will roll out from next month, Atwater said. At the same time, the brewery will take on new branding and labelling that reinforces its Detroit roots with the slogan 'Atwater Brewery. Born in Detroit. Raised Everywhere'.

"We've been all about Detroit since we brewed our first German-styled lagers 18 years ago and said we wanted to 'bring Detroit everywhere'," said Atwater Brewery owner Mark Rieth. "Now we're focused on making sure people remember us and think about us first and that's what these new labels are intended to do."

The beers are:

  • Going Steady IPA Grapefruit Session Ale - abv 4.6%
  • Corktown Rye American IPA - abv 6.2%
  • Tunnel Ram Imperial Bock Abv 7.8%

Last month, the CEO of Anheuser-Busch InBev, Carlos Brito, said Bud Light was in line for an overhaul amid market share loses for the beer brand.