Suffolk based apple specialist, Aspall, is going back to its 272 year-old roots. The company has launched a brand new range of top quality cyders, Aspall Suffolk Cyder, made only from pure apple juice. The cyder, which will be available in four styles - Organic, Dry, Extra Dry and Medium, has already shown its potential by winning an award at the International Beer & Cider Competition 2000.

The eighth generation of Chevalliers, brothers Barry and Henry, are turning their attention back to the drink that started the dynasty in 1728. Enjoyed by the family for nearly three centuries, by popular demand Aspall Suffolk Cyder is now available in all Sainsbury's stores, Somerfield in East Anglia, and in 22 major Safeway stores nationwide.

"We have been under pressure from local enthusiasts for years to produce more cyder," said Barry Chevallier Guild. "The response has been fantastic, with sceptics converting to the joys of cyder. Aspall Suffolk Cyder is a bright and fresh drink that offers a genuinely delicious alternative to wine or beer but beware, at seven per cent abv it's definitely got bite."

The whole Chevallier family lives, eats and breathes apples and the brothers are striving to do for apples what the new-world wine makers have done for the grape. Using modern techniques based on traditional values, Aspall has produced a superb, clean-tasting cyder made from 100 per cent pure single strength apple juice from whole Suffolk apples that results in a cyder unlike any you may have experienced before.

Aspall Suffolk Cyder is produced from a secret blend of hand-graded dessert, culinary and bittersweet apples, including varieties such as Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill, Medaille D'Or, Blenheim Orange, Chivers Delight and Grenadiers.
All apples used for cyder making are pressed on the Aspall estate between September and Christmas. The cyder is matured for a minimum of four months before being bottled with a light sparkle. Aspall's technique retains a strong fruity flavour and a robust, crisp edge with no bitter after-taste.

Aspall has designed a unique, slender and elegant bottle based on a style used for cyder in the 1930's by the brothers' great grandfather. At around £1.89 for a 500ml bottle, Aspall Suffolk Cyder is by no means the cheapest cyder available - but real quality never is. Aspall Organic Suffolk Cyder retails at approximately £2.19.

Aspall Medium Cyder was awarded the bronze medal at this year's International Beer & Cider Competition. Additionally, Aspall was the highest placed family owned business in the most highly contested category (ciders under 7.5 per cent abv).

The Aspall Suffolk Cyder Range

Medium Cyder, Red gold in colourPungent sweet fruit aromaStrong spicy cyder. Dry Cyder, Orange gold in colourRobust fruity aromaDry on the noseStrong peppery cyder. Extra Dry Cyder, Green gold colour, Rich fruity aroma, very, very dry with a spicy edge. Organic Cyder, Thick gold colourStrong fruit aromaSmooth, with strong apple aroma

Aspall is one of the oldest family run food businesses in the UK and already well known for its award-winning range of vinegars, including Organic Cyder Vinegar. Aspall is committed to combining the merits of healthy and high quality food, using the best quality ingredients and wherever possible, grown in Aspall's own organic orchards.


Aspall, based in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, has been owned and managed by the Chevallier family since it was founded by Clement Chevallier as a cyder producer in 1728. It is now in the hands of the eighth generation of the family.

The original Cyder House, with its apple crusher and press, still remains on the site and is a reminder of the company's heritage as a specialist food producer.

Aspall now produces speciality vinegars, fresh English apple juice and cyder for customers in retailing, food manufacture and food service worldwide.

Aspall has been closely involved with The Soil Association since 1946 and was the first company to receive the Soil Association symbol for 100 per cent organic produce. The company owns over 90 acres of organically farmed apple orchards, which supply fruit for the company's organic products, Fresh Organic Apple Juice and Organic Cyder Vinegar. Aspall is the UK's longest established supplier of Organic Cyder Vinegar.

Aspall Organic Cyder Vinegar won the preserves, spreads and condiments category of the 1998 Organic Food Awards and Aspall Organic Balsamic Vinegar was highly commended in 1999.

Aspall branded products include fresh English Apple Juice, fresh Organic Apple Juice, Cyder Vinegar, Organic Vinegars and Suffolk Cyder.

The company is committed to good environmental practice and improving the habitat for wildlife on the estate, through a comprehensive programme of woodland and hedge maintenance and tree planting.

The full range of Aspall Vinegars:

Aspall Organic Cyder Vinegar (cost approximately £1.49 - 500ml bottle).
Aspall Organic Red and White Wine Vinegar (£1.49 - 500ml bottle).
Aspall Organic Balsamic Vinegar (£2.99 for 500ml bottle).
Aspall Perry Vinegar (£1.29 - 500ml bottle).


The Aspall range is produced using only juice pressed from the best fruit. No concentrates are used in Aspall's vinegars, apple juices or cyder. The entire range is bottled at Aspall in Suffolk in order to maintain their freedom from artificial pesticides, fertilisers and genetically modified organisms.

The vinegar range is bottled unpasteurised and free from preservatives in order to ensure the full flavour is retained throughout the production process.