Only weeks after Asconi's acquisition of the Fabrica de vinuri din Puhoi wine factory, the company has announced that it has now acquired Orhei-vin, a large wine factory in Moldova.

Constantin Jitaru, president of Asconi said of the deal: "The acquisition of Orhei has allowed Asconi to increase its production capacity by over 15,000 tonnes per year. We have also been able to enlarge our storage capacity by over 6.6m gallons. The bottling capacity also increases by 7,000 bottles per hour.

"The acquisition brings Asconi additional high-quality management, excellent products and the very best Italian wine production equipment. We have integrated Orhei's products into our offerings including Orheiul-vechi, Caravella and 10 other types of mixed wines."

Jitaru continued: "The acquisitions of Orhei and Puhoi will continue to help us to better produce, store and wholesale our wines and spirits to our target markets."

Both companies had operated under a lease agreement prior to the acquisition but no financial details of the deal were disclosed.