Asahi Premium Beverages has fallen foul of Australia's advertising authorities after a TV spot for its namesake beer brand was found to link alcohol with "social success".

The 30-second ad, first screened in August, shows a woman in a nightclub carrying bottles of Asahi looking for a man who is "Asahi". A complainant argued the ad shows that sexual success comes about as a result of consuming alcohol.

However, Asahi Premium Beverages, a subsidiary of Japan's Asahi Group, claimed that the ad was a "reverse Cinderella story". In its response, the company said: "The female picks up two bottles of the product not to lure a man, or with the intent of attracting or being socially successful with a man at the party, but rather to share with Mr Asahi when she finds him. 

"There is no suggestion that the alcohol will make her more attractive or that she will be more successful because of the product." 

However, Australia's Alcohol Beverage Advertising Code (ABAC) complaints panel upheld the complaint. The panel said it "believes a reasonable person would conclude that the product was a contributor to the woman’s social success".

"The panel does not accept the argument of the marketer that a reasonable person would take the advertisement as conveying that the woman had already established a successful interaction with the man prior to the introduction of the product."

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