Arrowhead has redesigned its half litre bottle using 30% less plastic than the average half litre plastic beverage container in an effort to maintain an eco-friendly company.

The Nestle Waters-owned company said yesterday (28 August) that its new bottle, weighing in at 12.5 grams, is the lightest half litre plastic drinks bottle produced and includes a label 30% smaller than its previous label.

Arrowhead Brand Natural Spring Water west retail general manager Tim Prager said: "Arrowhead is committed to conserving the environment in which we operate through our manufacturing practices such as efficient water and energy use and reducing the amount of plastic in our bottles. As part of our commitment, our new Eco-shape bottle is a big step in our long tradition and track record of environmental stewardship."

Arrowhead Eco-shape will be available throughout the western region of the US at Safeway, Ralph's, Albertson's, Von's, Target and Wal-Mart. The new bottles will be sold in six-packs retailing at US$2.49 or 24-packs retailing at $4.99. In some markets the water bottles will also available in 12, 28 and 35-packs.