With the help of an unprecedented marketing alliance, AquaClara/FLA USA brand bottled water has begun hitting the shelves of General Nutrition Centers (GNC) throughout the Southeast and is now the exclusive oxygenated bottled water for GNC.

While some Tampa Bay GNC stores previously carried AquaClara water, this new agreement places water in more than 900 GNC stores in the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico, making it AquaClara/FLA USA brand water's largest client agreement thus far.

The branded water -- itself a major marketing milestone for Aqua Clara Bottling & Distribution, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: AQCB - news), Visit Florida, and Florida Media, Inc. -- has joined with Water to GO2, a water distributor in Florida, for placement in these corporate GNC stores. The Water to GO2 agreement with GNC, the international vitamin and nutritional supplement company based in Pittsburgh, Pa., marks a milestone by establishing mass distribution for the new AquaClara/FLA USA brand water. This distribution campaign is further supported by more than $100,000 in advertising through marketing partner Florida Media, Inc., the state's largest magazine publishing company and publisher of Florida Living Magazine, Florida Fishing & Boating Magazine, Florida Motorsports Magazine, Florida Sports & Fitness Magazine, the Florida Spring Training Guide, and additional titles.

"GNC stores are a perfect fit with the AquaClara/FLA USA product because its customers demand quality products that support a healthy lifestyle," said AquaClara President Jack Plunkett. The water is one of the purest on the market and is 800 percent oxygen-enriched, offering a "supplement" of this vital element for life, health and energy.

"Water to GO2 saw great synergy between the oxygen-enriched Florida water and GNC's health-conscientious mission," said Water to GO2 president Pat Nolen. "We're proud to be able to bring these companies together to offer consumers the highest-quality water around. And, having Florida Media and Visit Florida promote this product, driving consumers to GNC stores to purchase the water, is a fantastic asset to this marketing strategy."

The AquaClara/FLA USA branded water debuted in December 1999 as a first- of-its-kind marketing partnership for AquaClara Bottling & Distribution, Inc., Visit Florida, and Florida Media, Inc. Visit Florida, the state's official tourism marketing organization, endorsed this quality product with its FLA USA logo, which is displayed on the front of every AquaClara/FLA USA water bottle. Marketing of the AquaClara/FLA USA brand is already underway.

Florida Media, Inc. has begun an extensive promotional campaign with Visit Florida and AquaClara. The branded water is featured monthly in Florida Media's Florida Living Magazine, the only statewide lifestyle publication in the Sunshine State, with nearly 200,000 subscribers in all 50 states and 34 countries. A selection of Florida Media's 14 other publications also features the AquaClara/FLA USA bottled water and takes the product's message into more than one million homes.

Visit Florida is coordinating a multi-faceted promotional campaign to support the AquaClara/FLA USA water debut in GNC stores. Accompanied by in- store and website exposure, the campaign features sweepstakes packages to various Florida destinations.

This notable marketing relationship also includes the Florida Department of Agriculture, whose "Fresh From Florida" logo graces the branded bottles. The Department of Agriculture also assists in the product's showcasing at domestic and international trade shows under the "Fresh From Florida" banner. The AquaClara/FLA USA brand water is the only bottled water to achieve the "Fresh From Florida" designation.

"Distributing the AquaClara/FLA USA brand water through GNC stores across the Southeast and in Puerto Rico reaches a monumental milestone for the marketing alliance. It's evident that this partnership's hefty goals have begun to mature," said David Gardner, Visit Florida licensing and sponsorship manager.