Thomas Gillespie, president and chief executive officer of Aqua Vie Beverage Corporation announced today that the company has signed a distribution agreement with Premium Brands (Salt Lake City) for distribution of Aqua Vie products in Utah. Founded in 1993, Premium Brands services population centers throughout the state, including Park City and the state's, major ski resorts. Key retail accounts include Albertson's, Smith's, Macey's, Ream's, and Maverik, to name a few.

"We are pleased to be identified as a winner by a distributor that has introduced a number of successful beverage products into its network and currently represents all the majors in the beverage category," said Gillespie.

Gillespie also reported that, with more than 1,000 retail locations within the New York Metropolitan area, retail distribution by the company's Midatlantic distribution team is now reaching into New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the Washington, D.C. area. "While we are pleased with the progress we have made in the ten weeks since the establishment of our Midatlantic office, we see our success in the New York area market as only the tip of the iceberg. Momentum is building, and we expect the number of retail locations to more than double within the next 30 days," said Gillespie.

Aqua Vie Beverage Corporation develops and markets all natural, lightly flavored, still (non-carbonated) bottled spring water. The company's low-calorie alternative beverages are bacteria-free and contain no preservatives. Aqua Vie produces and markets the Hydrator(TM) line of beverages in the United States and Europe. This beverage line, comprised of seven low-calorie, all-natural beverages that are lightly flavored and packaged in half-liter bottles, is designed to increase one's personal consumption of water, naturally. The underlying technology also serves as the new delivery system for Aqua Vie's nutritionally fortified E Line(TM) -- Elixir(TM), Empower(TM), and Ecstasy(TM); its nutritionally specific line of Aquaceuticals(TM); and Aqua Vie's nonalcoholic wine and champagne beverages made from spring water.