Aqua Vie Beverage Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: AVBC) announced today that new age beverage distributor Global Beverage (High Point, N.C.) has agreed to distribute Aqua Vie Hydrators throughout its distribution area. Global covers major grocery chains, independents and convenience stores in 14 counties throughout the state, including the population centers of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point,

Concord, Salisbury and Burlington.

"Global Beverage is a major regional presence, and we are pleased to welcome them to Aqua Vie's growing distribution network," said Tom Gillespie, president and chief executive officer.

Mark Weaver, vice president of sales, indicated that through Aqua Vie's distributor Southern Wines & Spirits, Fry's Grocery (Arizona) began carrying the product this week. With over 100 outlets throughout the state, Fry's is Arizona's leading retail grocer.

"Aqua Vie Hydrators continue to be greeted with exceptional enthusiasm, among retailers and consumers alike, and we are confident that our participation at InterBev in New Orleans next week will enable us to further expand our North American distribution footprint," said Weaver.

Low-calorie, non-carbonated, all-natural Aqua Vie Hydrators(TM) are available in seven flavors, including Avalanche(TM), Bamboo(TM), Harvest(TM), Java(TM), McIntosh(TM), Paradise(TM), and Sun Tea(TM).

Aqua Vie Beverage Corporation develops and markets all-natural, lightly flavored, still (non-carbonated) bottled spring water. The company's low-calorie alternative beverages are bacteria-free and contain no preservatives. Aqua Vie produces and markets the Hydrator(TM) line of beverages in the United States and Europe. This beverage line, comprised of seven low-calorie, all-natural beverages that are lightly flavored and packaged in half-liter bottles, is designed to increase one's personal consumption of water, naturally. The underlying technology also serves as the new delivery system for Aqua Vies nutritionally fortified E Line(TM), Elixir(TM), Empower(TM), and Ecstasy(TM), its nutritionally specific line of Aquaceuticals(TM); and Aqua Vie's nonalcoholic wine and champagne beverages made from spring water.