Click through to view APUs Chinggis Khan & Soyombo Mongolian vodka

Click through to view APU's Chinggis Khan & Soyombo Mongolian vodka

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APU's Chinggis Khan & Soyombo Mongolian vodka  

Category - Spirits, vodka, 40% abv

Available - From the middle of next year

Location - Global travel retail, US, UK and Russia

Price - Chinggis Khan about 25% higher than Grey Goose vodka, Soyombo about 25% above Absolut in each market

Former government-owned Mongolian alcohol maker APU will next year enter the international travel retail sector for the first time with two new vodka lines.

Chinggis Khan vodka will retail in the ultra premium sector while Soyombo is positioned in the super-premium, APU export MD Jett Yang told just-drinks yesterday (25 October) the TFWA exhibition in Cannes.

Yang said that while “the world doesn't need another Russian vodka”, Chinggis Khan would pioneer a sub-genre for Mongolian vodka, which has a long heritage in the country. “People don't drink the liquid, people drink the story,” he added. 

Chinggis Khan is made with wheat from Selenge on the Mongolian Steppes and water from the Bogd Khan Mountains, Yang said. It is distilled six times and filtered for 500 hours.