Mexican anti-monopoly regulators have fined Coca-Cola and some of its distributors a total of US$68m after a small shopkeeper complained that she had been put under pressure to de-list a rival brand.

The regulator will not officially announce the fines until the end of the mandatory appeals period but Associated Press learned of the fines through a Coca-Cola representative.

The shopkeeper, Raquel Chavez, had told the regulator that a Coke distributor had told her to stop selling the Big Cola, a rival brand to Coca-Cola from Peru, or she would no longer be able to sell Coca-Cola.

Coca Cola, which has around a 70% share of the Mexican soft drinks market, denied that it infringed monopoly rules but a spokesman told AP that the company respected the ruling.

" We respect the ... decisions," he said. "However, we have used the appeal processes open to us to present arguments that our business practices comply with Mexican competition laws, and to demonstrate that our commercial practices are fair."