A-B InBev confirmed today the dispute has been resolved

A-B InBev confirmed today the dispute has been resolved

The US arm of Anheuser-Busch InBev has said a trademark dispute with craft brewer Natty Greene's has been settled in a “mutually satisfactory way”.

In June, Anheuser-Busch filed a "notice of opposition" against the North Carolina-based firm after it submitted a trademark application for its range of beers under the Natty Greene's brand. A-B took action as it has its own brand called Natural Light, which is sometimes referred to as “Natty Light”. The brewer has reportedly trademarked the phrase. 

The bid to stop the trademark being registered was “based on our established right in Natty-related trademarks”, A-B said last year.

However, A-B withdrew its opposition to Natty Greene's trademark late last week, according to local media reports.

In an emailed statement to just-drinks today, an A-B spokesperson said: “The matter has been resolved in a mutually satisfactory way.”

Further details of the settlement were not disclosed.