Anheuser-Busch InBev has launched the first in a series of global TV ads for Stella Artois that focuses on the history of the beer brand.

The debut 'Be Legacy' ad rolls out from today and is supported by digital and outdoor advertising, AB InBev said. The ads depict the lives of husband and wife Sebastien and Isabelle Artois and their part in the history of the beer. Sebastien became the head brewer at Leuven's Den Hoorn brewery in 1708 and eventually gave it his name.

"Sebastian and Isabella Artois both made decisions that had a huge impact on Stella Artois' history and success that is still being enjoyed today," said Todd Allen, Global VP of Stella Artois. "Although these events took place centuries ago, their stories show a determination and ability to break through barriers that are still very relevant and inspiring for people today."

The ads showcase new packaging for Stella Artois bottles, which includes a new shape and the Stella Artois horn - a symbol of the beer's original Den Hoorn brewery.

This week, AB InBev said it is to roll out Stella Artois in slimline 11.2oz cans to the US market. The launch follows that of the company's Stella Artois Cidre in the same format in the UK. AB InBev said the US cans represented a first for the lager brand.