The new glassware is designed to give a more frothy head

The new glassware is designed to give a more frothy head

Anheuser-Busch InBev has joined Molson Coors in launching new on-premise glassware for the UK designed to offer consumers a better pour.

The Budweiser brewer today unveiled a chalice-style glass for its Leffe Belgian abbey beer that has an engraved 'L' at the bottom. According to AB InBev, the L shape promotes "a continuous release of bubbles", meaning the foam head can stay frothy for longer.

The new glass, which will roll out across 800 UK on-premise outlets, follows new Molson Coors glassware for its Cobra brand that is supposed to give a smoother pour with an improved head. Molson Coors unveiled the 'Smooth Pour' Cobra glass in June as part of a new marketing campaign around the Indian-style lager.

AB InBev will also roll out a marketing campaign around the new glassware, including an online video that explains its new features. An instructional video has also been produced to educate bar staff on how to serve Leffe.

AB InBev said the redesign of the glass is part of a wider investment programme for Leffe in the on-trade across the UK. Last week, the brewer launched an 11-minute documentary as part of the new marketing campaign.