Anheuser-Busch InBev is ramping up support in the US for its Bud Light 'Dilly, Dilly' campaign with the launch of a new advert ahead of next month's Super Bowl.

The 'Ye Old Pep Talk' spot first aired at the weekend during the AFC and NFC championship games. It follows the first instalment, Wizard, which launched late last year.

Both spots are a continuation of Bud Light's 'Dilly, Dilly' push, which was initially rolled out last Autumn in the US. The original ad, and its 'dilly, dilly' catchphrase, has since entered the US cultural mainstream, with sports fans chanting the phrase during NFL games, according to media reports.

AB InBev will feature a new 'Dilly, Dilly' commercial as part of its Bud Light Super Bowl activation next month.

Meanwhile, the brewer is bringing its Stella Artois brand back to the Super Bowl after a six-year hiatus. An ad for the beer will champion charity organisation and feature actor and charity co-founder Matt Damon.

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