Newly formed brewing giant Anheuser-Busch InBev may look to sell off its Budweiser Stag Brewery as part of a restructuring progamme in the UK, analysts believe.

The brewery, based in Mortlake, London, could face an uncertain future following confirmation by Anheuser-Busch (A-B) InBev that it is reviewing its UK operations.

One analyst told just-drinks today (8 December) that InBev's US$52bn buyout of A-B has left it with "significant over-capacity" in the UK.

He speculated that selling the Mortlake brewery site could be lucrative for the brewer, but warned that a combination of the review process and the current property market slump means that "this is not something they can do overnight".

A-B's UK sales team, which sells to wholesalers, as well as its dedicated marketing force, may also be under threat, the analyst said.

An A-B InBev spokesperson today declined to comment on specific areas targeted by its UK review.

It confirmed to just-drinks that it has started a consultation process with a number of UK employees, adding: "We are committed to ensuring that people are treated with integrity and respect throughout the integration process. At this time however, it is business as usual in the UK."