Anadolu Efes, the Turkish beer and malt producer had a bumper year in 2003. Figures released on Friday show the company sold 1.175 billion litres of beer in 2003, a rise of 29% year-on-year.

Total beverage sales for the company, including the Coca-Cola operations in Turkey, were up by 10% at 1.408 billion litres for the year.

Domestically, Anadolu Efes saw beer sales rise by 7% to 610m litres, while total Turkish beer sales, including exports, increased by 8% to 642m litres.

Foreign operations, carried out by its Netherlands-based subsidiary Efes Breweries International, (EBI), saw beer sales abroad rise by 68% to 532m litres. EBI sales abroad accounted for 48% of Efes overall beer sales, up from 37% in 2002. Sales of Stary Melnik and Efes Pilsener in Russia accounted for 59% of EBI sales.

Turkish Coca-Cola franchisee Coca Cola Icecek, in which Anadolu Efes has a 33% stake, achieved sales of 222m cases, up by 7% year-on-year.