Amorim, the Portugal-based wine cork giant, has launched a new cork closure designed to target the mass wine market.

The Acquamark closure has been developed using cutting-edge cork production technology to provide winemakers with a clean natural cork stopper at a highly competitive price, said Amorim today (9 July).

The stopper will be targeted at the "high volume end" of the wine industry, the lower to middle price brackets of the sector that account for 80% of sales.

"It is a welcome addition to Amorim's product mix as it allows us to compete aggressively with producers of alternative closures, particularly in the 'basic' and 'popular premium' sectors of the wine market," said Amorim spokesperson Carlos de Jesus.

Aquamark takes its name from the innovative water-based coating that fills in the shank lenticells for maximum sealing capacity, ensuring total particle retention while the stopper is in the bottle.

Aquamark is made from renewable resources, Amorim said, highlighting the stopper's environmental credentials.