American Water Star Inc has acquired the Nevada operations of Colorado River Distributors (CRD). The operations of CRD have been consolidated with AMW's current operations in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas-based bottler anticipates the acquisition of CRD combined with its current Las Vegas distribution will generate approximately US$4.3m in annual sales from the Las Vegas area alone.

The acquisition of CRD expands the product lines offered by AMW to include Arrowhead water, Coca-Cola products, Gatorade products and Tropicana products.

"This acquisition brings a solid base of business to the Las Vegas market. Over the next 12 months, the Las Vegas market has the potential to generate between $8-$10 million in annual sales. In addition, CRD's California division anticipates distributing in excess of $1 million of AMW beverages during the next 12-month period," stated Roger Mohlman, CEO of AMW.