COMPANHIA DE BEBIDAS DAS AMERICAS -- AMBEV (``AmBev''), indirect holding company of INDUSTRIA DE BEBIDAS ANTARCTICA -- POLAR S.A. (``Polar'') and INDUSTRIA DE BEBIDAS ANTARCTICA NORTE- NORDESTE S.A. (``Nordeste'') herein informs that a public offering will be made, the purpose of which will be the cancellation of the registration of the above mentioned companies as publicly-held companies under CVM Instruction No 229/99.Such offering, to be submitted to approval by the Comissao de Valores Mobiliarios -- CVM (the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission) will be made for a price of R$2.22 per share of common stock and R$2.65 per share of preferred stock of Polar, and R$ 214.51 per lot of 1,000 shares of common stock and R$ 242.13 per lot of 1,000 shares of preferred stock of Nordeste.The effectiveness of the offering shall not depend on the achievement of the minimum levels of acceptance required for both companies to go private.