, the world's largest online retailer, will start selling US-made wine on its website later this month.

According to the Napa Valley Vintners Association, a non-profit group representing 315 vintners in California, Seattle-based Amazon is set to begin selling wine from across the country to consumers in 26 US states.

Amazon has not confirmed the decision yet, meaning it is not known whether winemakers will sell wine direct to consumers through special sections on its website, or it will act as an online retailer itself.

US wine activists 'Free The Grapes' has said that direct sales from out-of-state wineries are not permitted in 12 states - including Massachusetts and Pennsylvania - with three holding reciprocity agreements, allowing direct sales from a limited number of states only.

A 2005 Supreme Court ruling struck out bans on out-of-state wine shipments in New York and Michigan, because they allowed such deliveries from within their states.

Amazon will work with New Vine Logistics, a Napa-based company that handles interstate wine shipments.