Allied Domecq has revealed its UK advertising plans for three of its most seasonal brands, Tia Maria, Malibu and Tia Lusso.

Allied Domecq is to spend some £7m on Tia Lusso in the UK over the Christmas period, including its 1m sponsorship of V Graham Norton on Channel 4.

Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine (UK) Ltd (ADUK) has unveiled a massive trade and consumer Christmas support programme for its successful premium cream liqueur brand Tia Lusso®.

This will be backed by a £3m pre-Christmas TV advertising campaign for Tia Lusso. Commencing in November and running nationwide to the end of December, the campaign will feature a new creative for the Tia Lusso brand entitled 'Limo'.

"With over 98% of all females aged 18-44 seeing the combined sponsorship and advertising campaign a minimum of 18 times, we are confident that Tia Lusso® will be one of the biggest TV campaigns this Christmas," says senior brand manger Neil Anderson at ADUK.

The company is also to re-launch its 'Come to Mummy' advertising campaign for Tia Maria in the UK in time for Christmas.

Breaking at the start of December in central, Wales and west, Scotland and the northern TV regions, Allied said it has chosen to adopt a very targeted media strategy for 'Come to Mummy,' matching regions of consumer strength to its advertising schedule.

"Our approach has been very simple," says Caroline Villiger, brand director at ADUK. "The cost of advertising escalates out of all proportion over the Christmas period and it makes a lot of sense to target effort and investment where we have the best chance of reaping rewards. In the area's we have selected, some 88% of all females aged 18 to 34 will see our ad's at least six times."

Last Christmas over 1 million bottles of Tia Maria were purchased over the two months leading up to Christmas giving it one of the highest seasonal uplifts in the category, Allied said.

As part of its £6m annual support package for Malibu, Allied has revealed a Christmas push that includes cinema and TV advertising featuring a new creative execution and a national sampling and promotional programme.

The Malibu advertising called 'Phones' parodies how western cultures take life too seriously - particularly the excessive use of mobile phones.

Launched in cinemas across the UK during October, the campaign will break on TV on the 10th of November and will run nationally throughout November and December on ITV, Channel 4 and Satellite TV. Some 2 million 18-24 year old females are expected to see the new campaign at least four times during the period making it one of the biggest spirits TV campaigns this Christmas.

Meanwhile the sampling will aim to increase rate of sale through extending usage beyond cola. ADUK's trade support for Malibu will be dominated by a cranberry theme this Christmas.