Allied Domecq UK has launched a website for its coconut rum brand Malibu, in an effort to amplify its  £3m pre-Christmas advertising and promotional programme.  takes the form of a spoof mobile phone company - 'Seriously Easy Enterprises'- and offers visitors an "opportunity to experience mobile telephone technology the 'Malibu' way", Allied said. 

Featuring downloadable ring tones and screen savers, the site also includes advice on the latest range of Malibu inspired hand sets including the ever popular domino phone with its very own in built games facility and for those who enjoy an out door lifestyle the rugged coconut phone.

There is also the chance for consumers to win a trip to the Caribbean

"Malibu® is a unique and highly successful brand and given the fact that our target market use the web on a regular basis, this is a very natural place for us to be," says Jeremy Hill senior brand manager at ADUK. "The site is fun and easy to use and has all the latest commercials to view as well as some outtakes from the filming.  It is just the site to visit when life really is getting too serious." he added.