Allied Domecq Spirits & Wines (UK) Ltd has changed the packaging for its Laphroaig malt whisky brand.

In a move designed to reinforce the status of Laphroaig as the archetypal Islay malt, the changes affect both Laphroaig 10 Year Old and 10 Year Old Cask Strength, both of which will be in distribution for the Christmas period.

Sporting new graphics, the changes, which run across both variants, also include greater emphasis on the "1815," the date Laphroaig was established and greater prominence of the Royal Warrant. While the use of a new textured paper for the label serves to enhance the brand's premium position said Allied.

In addition to the graphic and label changes Allied has also looked at ways to differentiate the Original Cask Strength from its 10 Year Old offering.

"Using a bold dark green colour across the bottle and capsule makes Cask Strength very clearly recognisable," said Liz Hodson, brand manager at Allied Domecq.

"The new packaging not only reflects this unique experience but significantly improves shelf standout and differentiates this variant from the 10 Year Old."

Timed to coincide with the Christmas trading period the introduction of the new packaging is intended to exploit both ends of the Christmas malt purchase spectrum said Hodson.

"At one end we have Laphroaig 10 Year Old for those buying gifts for malt drinkers who are looking for an uncompromisingly challenging taste. At the other end, where consumers are looking for a unique expression of the distiller's art, the new packaged Cask Strength is now clearly differentiated and prominent," she added.