By Anne Brockhoff

Allied Domecq has launched a US$30m advertising campaign for
Stolichnaya vodka in its first major marketing effort since taking over
US distribution of the brand more than a year ago.

BBDO Chicago created the ads, which feature origami butterflies, eagles
and frogs crafted from Stoli labels and the message "see what unfolds."

The campaign is designed to attract 25- to 34-year-old consumers - a slightly younger group than is currently targeted.

"We're trying to capture a younger vodka consumer," said Joann
Kletecka, marketing director for white spirits at Allied Domecq Spirits and Wine North America. "This is when people start forming their habits and become brand loyal."

Stoli is already the second-largest imported vodka in the U.S., but the brand has so far lacked a singular identity, Kletecka said. The "surreal, colourful" ads will help establish that identity and maintain a link to Russia, where origami became a cultural phenomenon after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The ads will debut in spring issues of Vanity Fair, Playboy, National Geographic Traveler, Gourmet and other contemporary magazines.

While the campaign doubles the advertising spending of Stoli's previous importer, Diageo, Kletecka declined to say how much of a boost it is expected to give to volume sales.