Figures released yesterday show a rise in consumption of all alcoholic beverages in Russia. A statement released by Russia's National Alcohol Association highlighted a rise in alcohol consumption for the year January-September of 3.6% year-on-year to 95.9m decalitres of pure alcohol equivalent.

Brandy enjoyed the highest rise, by 11.7% to 4.1m decalitres (1.8m decalitres in pure alcohol). Wine was second with an increase of 8.5% to 49.4m decalitres (7.4m decalitres), followed by sales of sparkling wines which were up by 5.1% to 12.1 m decalitres (1.4m decalitres).

Russia's beer retail sales to consumers climbed by 4.9% to 593.7m decalitres (24.1m decalitres), while vodka and strong liquor retail sales were up by 2.4% to 156.7m decalitres (65.3m decalitres).