Aladdin Beverage has added Patagonia Negra Intensa, an Argentinean dark beer, to its portfolio of imported beers in the US.

The "exotic", dark stout will be available in the country from late summer, with Aladdin hoping the cold weather months in the US, when demand for dark beer typically increases, will spur sales.

Aladdin Beverage said Patagonia Negra Intensa will give the company its first South American dark beer, expanding its reach into a wider segment of consumers.

"The Patagonia Negra Intensa will enable us to target a broader audience and we're working to meet the demand of our distributors," said Ted O'Connor, CEO and president of Aladdin Beverage. "It's a relatively new brew, and its taste and marketing rivals that of the more well-known Central and South American brands that are making a huge impact on the US market."

Patagonia Negra Intensa flavour originates from "dark-roasted, pure malted special barleys with a cross of sweet and bitter flavours."

Earlier this month, Aladdin Beverage placed an order with the Patagonia brewery in Argentina for the Patagonia Blond Ale, and the shipment is expected to be in the hands of Aladdin's US distributors by late May.