When the rapidly-growing Agilent Technologies needed a partner that could keep their employees moving in cyberspeed, they turned to a managed services company - ARAMARK - for what has become the hottest item in the workplace of the "new economy:" gourmet coffee.

Agilent has signed a contract with ARAMARK to provide several types of Flavia-brand gourmet coffee and additional types of tea to its employees at its field locations around the country. The contract calls for the use of a new state of the art single-cup brewing system manufactured by Mars Inc.

With Agilent's varying office sizes and growing employee base, the company needed a customized approach to providing refreshment services. ARAMARK responded by creating a tailored national program for the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company and even set up a web page for Agilent's office managers to view the selection of coffee and vending products.

The result is a total solution that meets the needs of Paul Ochab, Agilent's U.S. Distribution and Regulatory Compliance Manager and provides the fuel for Agilent's fast-paced employees.

"ARAMARK is a well-established, large U.S. supplier of food and beverage services," Mr. Ochab said. "They have a wide product and service offering that can be tailored to an individual company's needs."

The formula seems to be working. Agilent joins a growing list of "new economy" companies that are now on ARAMARK's customer list, including Oracle, Priceline, Cisco Systems, Webvan, e*Trade, eBay among others.

"We particularly enjoy the challenge of working with a dynamic company like Agilent," said Richard Wyckoff, President of ARAMARK Refreshment Services. "They are moving and growing quickly and we thrive on keeping pace with them every step of the way."

That pace has translated into record-setting success for ARAMARK in the $31 billion global refreshment services business. The company's share in that business has grown by more than 100% this year in some markets -- Silicon Valley, New York's Silicon Alley, and technology corridors in Atlanta and Princeton, N.J.

This trend is not just isolated to the Internet start-ups. Legacy companies, as well, are part of the boom at ARAMARK; the company counts more than 200 new clients a week for its vending machine and office coffee services.

"It is the shift in the office culture - from a "9 to 5" to a "24/7" mindset that is fuelling this growth," explained ARAMARK's Wyckoff. "Companies like Agilent are looking for ways to keep their employees satisfied. By partnering with them, we're doing more than selling coffee - we're promoting employee satisfaction."

ARAMARK is a $7 billion world leader in providing managed services - food services and facilities management, uniform and career apparel, and child care and early education programs. Headquartered in Philadelphia, ARAMARK has more than 150,000 employees serving 15 million people at 500,000 locations in 15 countries every day.