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AG Barr's Rockstar SuperSours

Category - Soft drinks, energy drinks, sour

Available - From mid-January

Location - UK

Price - SRP of GBP1.83 (US$2.94) per 50cl bottle, GBP0.99 per 50cl price-marked-pack bottle

AG Barr has said it is tapping into the growing consumer trend for sour flavours with the launch of its latest Rockstar energy drink extensions.

Rockstar SuperSours, available in BubbleBurst and Green Apple flavours, are the fifth and sixth Rockstar extensions launched in the past 12 months, AG Barr said yesterday (4 December). “Half of all energy drinkers consume sour flavours in other food and drink categories,” said AG Barr's head of marketing, Adrian Troy.

Last month, Barr announced it will merge with Britvic next year to form a new company, Barr Britvic Soft Drinks. 

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AG Barr, manufacturer of Rockstar energy drinks, is reinforcing its reputation as the leading innovator in the energy category with the launch of a new and exciting flavour range – Rockstar SuperSours. 

The range, comprising two ‘tongue-tingling’ variants, BubbleBurst and Green Apple, will tap into a growing consumer trend for sour flavours.

“Sour flavours are growing in popularity at a rapid rate,” says Adrian Troy, Head of Marketing for AG Barr. “Half of all energy drinkers consume sour flavours in other food and drink categories.*1 By combining Rockstar’s unique energy formula with an electrifying sour taste, we are set to attract new shoppers to the brand as well as offering something new and exciting to the brand’s existing consumers.”

The Rockstar range is experiencing impressive growth of 91%*2, with 43% of these sales coming from products launched within the last 12 months: Rockstar Xdurance, Rockstar Xdurance PET, Rockstar Punched Fruit Punch and Rockstar Pink.

“In the rapidly developing energy category, consumers are looking for new, exciting flavours.” says Troy.  “By continuing to launch innovative products which tap into key consumer trends, Rockstar is driving growth in the flavoured energy sector and boosting profits for retailers.”

Rockstar SuperSours has performed exceptionally in consumer taste tests. 85% of those interviewed felt the range to be new and different from any other energy drink currently available in the UK, with 68% saying they would definitely buy it.*3 

“46% of those interviewed said they would buy Rockstar SuperSours alongside their current energy drink purchase*3, meaning the brand will drive incremental sales in the category,” says Troy. “Retailers should prepare to stock up to make the most of a fantastic sales opportunity.”

BRAND: Rockstar

OVERVIEW: AG Barr is tapping into a key consumer trend with the launch of a new Rockstar flavour range: SuperSours

WHEN: Mid-January

PACKS: Rockstar Supersours BubbleBurst and Green Apple 500ml cans PMP and plain


RRP: Plain pack - £1.83, PMP - £0.99

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