AG Barrs Rockstar Revolt

AG Barr's Rockstar Revolt

AG Barr's Rockstar Revolt

Category - Soft drinks, energy drink

Available - From this month

Location - UK, nation-wide

Price - PMP GBP0.99 (US$1.20) per 50cl can

AG Barr has launched a new range of energy drinks under the Rockstar brand. Rockstar Revolt comprises two 50cl varieties - Killer Citrus and Killer Cooler. Both are "zero sugar", the company said. 

"Rockstar Revolt will appeal to the growing number of consumers who want zero sugar energy, but don't want it to look, feel, perform or taste different to full-sugar energy," said Barr's marketing director, Adrian Troy. "Energy is a hugely important category for retailers, accounting for more than one in every three drinks purchased," he added, citing IRI data.

The launch will be supported by sampling activity and a national social media campaign.

Barr produces the Rockstar brand under licence from Rockstar Inc USA.

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