The personalised Irn Bru line-up

The personalised Irn Bru line-up

AG Barr has given a twist to Coca-Cola Co's Share a Coke marketing push with the launch of Irn Bru bottles bearing traditional Scottish names.

The limited-edition glass bottles, which went on sale in Scotland yesterday (19 June), are labelled Fanny, Senga, Rab or Tam, Barr said. The names also nod to Irn Bru's “Fanny” TV ad, Barr's biggest online hit, and long-serving staff at the Scottish company, Barr said.

“We were inundated with requests for the Fanny bottles to be made so we thought our fans could enjoy a taste of Scotland with Fanny and some other well-loved, traditional names that mean a lot to Irn-Bru,” a Barr spokesperson said.

Coca-Cola has launched a range of personalised products across Europe in its Share A Coke campaign. In the UK, 150 common names are featured on bottles in place of the Coca-Cola logo.

Barr, which won provisional clearance from the UK competition authorities earlier this month for a merger with Britvic, attracted complaints over another ad in its latest campaign, with some viewers branding it anti-English.