Barr said it has a different Irn Bru recipe for Canada

Barr said it has a different Irn Bru recipe for Canada

AG Barr has confirmed that its Irn Bru brand is still on sale in Canada after a Saskatoon store-owner was reportedly ordered to remove self-imported stock from his shelves.

Canada's StarPhoenix reported this week that health officials had banned Tony Badger from selling the soft drink at his British speciality foods store Brit Foods, in the city of Saskatoon. Badger had imported the Irn Bru from the UK and officials said it contained a banned food colouring, Ponceau 4R.

But today (24 January), Barr said it has been selling a reformulated Irn Bru that doesn't contain Ponceau 4R for the past 15 years in Canada. “We continue to export Irn-Bru to Canada very successfully to this day,” the company said in a statement.

A Barr spokesperson told just-drinks that the same Irn Bru formula is sold in the US, where Ponceau 4R is also banned.

Yesterday, the Scottish group said it expects full-year sales growth of around 6%, in line with its forecasts, after a “strong” final quarter.