Advanced Electron Beams has launched a sterilisation process for beverage bottles based on the use of electron beams.

The US-based company said earlier this week that the e25ITB, an electron beam emitter designed for sterilising the interior surfaces of bottle shaped packaging, will enable "a new class of aseptic and extended shelf life filling approaches for beverage bottles".

The e25ITB emitter marks Advanced Electron Beams' (AEB) first venture into bottle filling. The chemical-free process operates at room temperature and, according to AEB, carries "the lowest operating cost of any bottle sterilisation technology".

"Beverage manufacturers around the world are eager to address consumer demand for more healthful product offerings and for more sustainable packaging at lower cost," said AEB's CEO, Mitch Tyson. "AEB's bottle sterilisation technology for aseptic packaging will let the beverage industry continue to innovate with new products and new package concepts, while reducing the environmental footprint of the packaging process."

AEB will be demonstrating the e25ITB technology at Munich's Drinktec exhibition this week, in Hall B5, Stand 222.