As part of its plan to ensure long term profitability, Cuidao Holding Corporation has leased half of its South Florida facility to Goodyear Tire and Rubber.The building, located in Hollywood, FL, has just over 10,000 square feet of usable space. Under the lease terms, Goodyear will occupy 5,300 square feet for the next two years. Cuidao will keep the remaining 4,800 square feet to run its operations.Cuidao's managing director Robert Walker stated, "As we continue to move forward with our business plan, it will be essential for Cuidao properties to be an income producing entity. This lease with Goodyear will allow us the ability to exit our current operations facility at the appropriate time and look for a larger facility to maintain the growth anticipated."Cuidao Holding Corp. imports, develops, manages and distributes a portfolio of international and regional brands of beer, wine and spirits. The Company currently participates in specific niche segments of the approximately $100 billion US alcoholic beverage market.Cuidao Holding Corporation is a client of Internet Stock Market Resources Inc. (