A labour activist who mounted legal action against Coca-Cola Co. over the death of a worker in Colombia, has filed another lawsuit against the company, this time for a group of former Turkish transport workers.

The suit, filed in New York on Tuesday (15 September), alleged abuse and coercion of union organisers. Collingsworth, executive director of the International Labor Rights Fund, is suing the Coca-Cola Company, its Turkish bottler and other entities on behalf of a group of former delivery drivers, transport workers and their families.

The suit alleges that management at Coke's Turkish bottler, Coca-Cola Icecek AS, conspired with Turkish police to attack, gas and arrest workers and their families at a demonstration held in July, in a bid to force them to abandon plans to organise worker action.

Coke said that the dispute involved an independent third-party distributor which supplies services to its Turkish bottler, rather than the associate company itself.

Last year, Collingsworth filed a complaint in Miami alleging that Coke and its Colombian bottlers had used paramilitary groups to intimidate union activists.