Click through to view the packaging update for Accolade Wines Echo Falls range

Click through to view the packaging update for Accolade Wine's Echo Falls range

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Accolade Wines has updated the packaging for both the blends and varietals ranges of its Echo Falls US wine brand, less than two years after the previous refresh.

The company said earlier today (31 March) that it is looking to “contemporise” the overall look of the brand by pushing “a clear two-tier range” differentation through the revamp. In June 2012, the company announced a similar move, ahead of an “unprecedented spend" on the brand in the UK.

“The new designs for the Echo Falls blends range contemporises the feel of the wines … while emphasising the femininity and personality of the range,” said Echo Falls' marketing controller at Accolade, Amy White. “We’ve included a new modern label shape, which is also larger, an increased focus on the taste descriptors, a new gold neck seal, and increased the use of colour to add vibrancy.

“All of these factors, along with the introduction of a butterfly motif on the label … support a higher price point for the range.”

Accolade is keen to premiumise its broader wine offering in the hope that price points will increase.

The varietals range will benefit from a heavier bottle and “enhanced finish across all the packaging elements”. The company added: “The result is a clearly defined varietals range that gives consumers the next step up to a premium selection of wines from the blends that appeal to the entry level.”

Accolade also said that it will launch “a new line” in the Echo Falls portfolio in the coming months.