Absolut Vodka has broken the one-million case barrier for a month.

The brand's manufacturing base in Åhus, Sweden, spent last month operating at full capacity, and shipped a record number of 9-litre cases, equivalent to 9,153,000 litres of vodka in total, the company, which is owned by V&S Absolut Spirits, said today (8 November).

V&S Absolut Spirits vice president of manufacturing Krister Asplund said: "When we added up the shipments of Absolut Vodka for October, it was clear that we had passed a milestone - 1m cases in a month. We have never shipped that much in one month before. That's actually more than we shipped in the plant's first four years of existence (1979-1982). The previous record, from April 2004, was 991,000 cases."

The distiller said that it has experienced a strong increase in demand from the Global Travel Retail market over the past few years. The sector constitutes the brand's second biggest market. According to the Swedish vodka firm, it is ranked by by market research company IWSR as the fastest-growing brand on the Global Travel Retail market.