Mothers Against Drunk Driving is once again pressuring Congress to blackmail states that do not adopt a .08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) arrest threshold by withholding highway safety funds. The American Beverage Institute strongly opposes this punitive and ineffective legislation and is available to present the other side of this debate."Congress has never held hearings on this issue where those opposed have been able to testify," said Rick Berman, ABI's general counsel. "But in the hearings held in state legislatures where both sides have been able to testify, the .08% BAC legislation has been consistently defeated in favor of legislation that has proven to be effective."MADD is attempting to circumvent the process in the states by getting Congress to blackmail them with the loss of highway safety money in order to advance their anti-alcohol agenda."For information, contact John Doyle at 202-463-7110 or visit the ABI web site