A drinks industry body has hit out at plans in the US state of North Carolina to introduce legislation that will create a two-tier drink driving law.

Legislation introduced yesterday by Senator Brock would create a separate legal tier for parents of children under seventeen by forbidding them to have any amount of alcohol in their system when driving with the child. Violators would be treated as drunk drivers and punished as such.

"This is neo-Prohibition, pure and simple," said American Beverage Institute executive director John Doyle. "Senator Brock intends to criminalize parents that have even one beer at a ball game, a glass of wine at dinner or even take communion at church - a true irony as we enter Lent."

The ABI said that Senator Brock and those that support his legislation are missing the mark in addressing the true source of today's drunk driving problem - high blood alcohol content  (BAC) drivers and repeat offenders.

"Focusing on responsible parents that are not a threat to the roads demonstrates that Senator Brock's legislation clearly has more to do with an anti-alcohol agenda than highway safety," Doyle said.

The American Beverage Institute is an association of restaurants committed to the responsible serving of adult beverages.