The ban in New York was first proposed last May

The ban in New York was first proposed last May

The American Beverage Association (ABA) has said New York City's board of health “overstepped its authority” with a proposed ban on large sugary drinks.

The ABA, which yesterday (23 January) asked a New York court to overturn the ruling, said most New Yorkers do not want the ban. “Yesterday we presented our argument that the board of health overstepped its authority by trying to issue new policy,” the ABA said today.

“The board does not have authority to take this action, which is opposed by the majority of New Yorkers, and should not have sidestepped city council,” it said.

In Manhattan’s New York State Supreme Court yesterday, lawyers for the ABA and other industry groups branded the proposed ban “grossly unfair” to small businesses, according to reports. The court heard that the ban would cover pizzerias and hot-dog vendors but not convenience stores and grocery shops, reports said.

The judge did not say when he will make his decision, reports said. The ABA is

The ban, which is due to start in March, was first proposed in May last year by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to tackle rising obesity levels. It will outlaw high-sugar drinks sold in containers larger than 16oz in the city's restaurants, stadiums and cinemas.