Stella Artois's "reassuringly expensive" TV and press campaign has picked up a hat-trick of advertising awards at the international advertising festival held in Cannes. The Interbrew UK brand collected a prestigious 5-Star Award at the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) Effectiveness Awards and a Grand Prix Award - the third time in four years it has picked up an award at the event.

Richard Evans, brands director at Interbrew UK said: "The IPA Awards are unique because they measure the effectiveness of advertising in terms of its impact on business development rather than being based purely on creativity as is the norm in the advertising world."

The "reassuringly expensive" campaign began with magazine advertising in 1980 and was extended to TV in 1990. In its submission to the IPA Awards panel, Interbrew UK said as a result of the success of the campaign, distribution of the brand had grown massively and it is now the most widely distributed draught lager brand.

The judges said the campaign was "a great example of the benefits of a long-running consistent campaign resulting in a huge payback."

The most recent commercial, Returning Hero, which is the seventh in the series, made its debut in the summer. It takes the campaign on a stage to wartime with the tale of a brave soldier who returns home but finds he has not done quite enough to earn a Stella.