Anheuser-Busch is repeating its offering of limited edition beers for the festive season.

The US brewer said yesterday (30 October) that it has launched three seasonal beers, which will only be available until the end of the year.

Michelob Celebrate Vanilla Oak and Michelob Celebrate Chocolate will be available in 24-ounce glass bottles, while Budweiser Brew Masters' Private Reserve is available in a 46.5-ounce magnum and a 32-ounce bottle, both with swing top closures.

The Michelob pair will also be available as a set, which includes two imported 13.5oz Ritzenhoff Crystal snifters and a 24-ounce bottle of each flavour.

"Ensuring there will be no shortage of choices when drinking, dining or toasting this year, we're excited to make Celebrate Chocolate available alongside last year's popular Celebrate Vanilla Oak and Brew Masters' Private Reserve," said Bruce Eames, innovation manager at A-B. "Their sleek packaging also makes them great gifts for beer aficionados, both seasoned and new."

The Private Reserve has an abv of 8.5% and is made by collecting the richest part of the brew as it is tapped to the brew kettles. Michelob Celebrate Chocolate has an abv of 8.5%, while Michelob Celebrate Vanilla Oak is 10%.