US brewer Anheuser-Busch has announced the nationwide launch of a new RTD malt beverage under the brand name, Tilt.

Packaged in 16-ounce silver cans, the new raspberry-flavoured drink contains caffeine, guarana, and ginseng. Anheuser-Busch describes it as a "5pm after-work drink".

"From happy hour to a night out at a club, contemporary adults are looking for innovative beverages that fit into their fast-paced, highly-social lifestyles," said Pat McGauley, A-B's vice president, innovation/new products. "Tilt was developed with this in mind because it is suited to a variety of drinking occasions."

Tilt is brewed at 6.6%, 6%, or 4% abv, depending on the different state laws. It is being rolled out nationwide with immediate effect and is expected to be in full distribution by October.