The US soft drinks producer, Dr Pepper/Seven Up, part of the drinks to sweet group, Cadbury Schweppes, is to add a new soft drink to its 7-up range in the autumn. The range extension is designed to cater for consumers' desire for new and original soft drinks choices but a strong link with the core 7-up brand is being retained, and in a most novel way.

It will be green in colour rather than clear and contain caffeine which 7-Up does not. Underlining that it will be an alternative version of 7-up, it is to be called dnL, literally an upside-down version of the 7-up name.

Bright-coloured soft drinks appear to be flavour of the month in the US CSD market. The launch of dnL will follow the introduction of Pepsi Blue, Mr Green from SoBe and Dr Pepper/Seven Up's own Red Fusion.

"Over the past two years, consumers have demonstrated that they want new and different beverages to choose from, and we believe dnL will be a way to satisfy the changing tastes of America," said Doug Tough, chief executive of Dr Pepper/Seven Up.

Targeted at teenagers and young adults, the drink will come in a 20-ounce bottle and should be available in in certain US markets in November. The brand will be available nationwide by January and other pack sizes, including a 2-litre bottle, will be added in April.