announced today 42 California wineries are now selling direct to consumers from their own web sites, and one in four bottles are exclusives. A digital marketplace of online tasting rooms, is revolutionizing online wine sales by empowering those who control the supply - the wineries. The recent merger of and confirms the market's predictions about e-tailer consolidation and reinforces's position as a winning business model for direct-to-consumer online wine sales. "We never bought into the dot-com frenzy. We're organizing a community of wine makers and wine lovers that builds on nine years experience in fulfillment and marketing ultra-premium wines," said Lesley Berglund, CEO, "Our long term commitment is to build a sustainable business adding real economic value for wineries, and unparalleled access for wine enthusiasts," she added. Since the pilot launch in June some additional wineries now selling online include: Lail Vineyards, J. Pedroncelli Winery, Joseph Phelps Vineyards, Ravenswood Winery, Saintsbury and Schramsberg Vineyard. Traditionally, many wineries have limited sales of their most exclusive wines to their tasting rooms. brings these hard-to-find wines to the online shopper. Currently, about 25 percent of the wines offered through are available exclusively online. The following is a taste of the exclusive wines available at