An Instant Of Intensity
The New Generation Of CAMUS Cognacs


Over 155 years since the family business was founded, today Cyril Camus shares his vision and passion for intensely aromatic cognacs. Just like his forefathers before him, Cyril Camus is leaving his mark on the House by reinventing the cognacs that bear his name.

The CAMUS Philosophy

We value independence in a world dominated by standardization.

We celebrate a living tradition five generations strong.

We create cognacs which reflect the best from our terroir.

We always seek the exceptional and are absolutely passionate about taste.

The House of CAMUS has been operating independently since 1863 upholding the same uncompromising philosophy of a family five generations strong. Today, in an increasingly globalized and standardized world, this authenticity and expertise are crucial, and CAMUS defends them fervently to create cognacs of unrivaled intensity. With single-minded determination, CAMUS always seeks the exceptional in cognacs that best reflect the rich flavors of our terroirs.

It is Cyril Camus, fifth generation of the founding family, who incarnates the House values and keeps them alive in his conception of cognac. In the pursuit of this quest, Cyril Camus is assisted by a passionate and dedicated team who pays the closest attention to the products’ aromatic vivacity.

For the past 15 years, his constant objective has been to perfect a unique production process that would take his cognacs to new summits of aromatic intensity. CAMUS’ new range of cognacs is the culmination of all these years of work, applied to the expertise and traditional know-how of the House.

˝Being the last international Cognac House still entirely family-owned, this is almost an act of faith, or at least a manifesto for the quest we have set ourselves: to sublimate the richness and particularities of the Charente terroir by creating Cognacs that are the truest expression of their origin˝
Cyril Camus

Camus ˝instensity˝ distillation versus other types of distillation

A New Range Of Intensely Aromatic Cognacs

At the head of the greatest estate in the Borderies area, the Camus family owns 188 hectares (465 acres) of vineyards within this small, historical and most sought-after cru. Covering only 5% of the Appellation’s total surface, the Borderies soil is blessed with a characteristic clay-limestone structure which grows grapes that are highly concentrated in terpenols: these components contribute deeply floral aromas to the eaux-de-vie. All CAMUS cognac blends contain at least some Borderies eaux-de-vie. With the utmost respect for its terroir and heritage, CAMUS has always carefully presided over its winegrowing, selecting only the finest wines and keeping them unfiltered of their lees to extract their most intense aromatic components.

Under the close supervision of Cellar Master Patrick Léger, distillation is exclusively performed by hand in small pot stills, using a highly precise, non-automated technique, to preserve the most aromatic elements in the distillate. After the second passage of the double distillation process, the first 20 liters of ˝heads˝ - the richest in esters - are tasted liter by liter thanks to an exclusive patented technique called ˝Instensity˝. The most aromatic and complex amongst the first 20 liters of heads are returned to the eaux-de-vie for ageing.

Thanks to the high concentration of esters and terpenols, the fruity and floral aromas in the eaux-de-vie will be more powerful and distinctive. This purely artisanal approach demands great craftsmanship of which CAMUS knows the secret.

CAMUS’ exclusive patented technique, called ˝Instensity˝, consists of manually selecting the distillation ˝heads˝ that present the best aromatic qualities. This unique method, which differs from the standard process used by other Houses whereby the first liters of ˝heads˝ are systematically redistilled, results in a higher concentration of esters and a more pronounced aromatic intensity.

The new range of CAMUS cognacs produced using the unique ˝Instensity˝ process is the culmination of 15 years of research in the development of intensely aromatic cognacs.

The eaux-de-vie are then aged exclusively in small, lightly toasted fine grain oak barrels, which provide delicate and elegant tannins. Maturation under these conditions obtains a perfect balance between the aromatic components brought from the distillation and the wood notes, giving the cognac a characteristic freshness, even after ageing.

In 2019, the House of CAMUS is proud to present three new exceptionally aromatic cognacs: VERY SPECIAL, VSOP and XO.

Very Special

The first cognac in this new collection - Very Special - presents the highest concentration of fruit aromas. Revealing a deep golden robe with bright, amber highlights, it is distinguished by a richly fruity aromatic profile, enhanced by a touch of spice. On the nose, it radiates very floral notes of jasmine and violet. Resonating with notes of fresh mango, pear and sweet almond on the palate, this cognac presents a finish with fine and delicate tannins.


Elegant and vibrant, this VSOP cognac reveals intensely floral aromas. Blended with some of the House of CAMUS’ most aromatic eaux-de-vie, including those from the famous Borderies cru, VSOP has a fruity and floral profile, supported by notes of oak, spice and vanilla. Its elegant robe presents tints of antique gold and amber undertones.

The nose offers a perfect balance between precious tannins and fresh notes of summer and tropical fruit, associated with generous flowery tones. On the palate, it resonates with lavish fruity notes, highlighted by accents of spices and vanilla.


CAMUS XO cognac is the perfect balance between aromatic notes and wood components. An intensely golden color with rich mahogany hues is the result of carefully selecting some of the House’s finest eaux-de-vie, matured in small oak barrels for at least 10 years. Each blend contains distillates from the Borderies cru, enhancing the floral notes of this intensely aromatic cognac. On the nose, it reveals sweet pastry aromas, with notes of apricots, oranges and white flowers followed by a gentle hint of cinnamon. Lavish notes of butter and candied fruit mingle on the palate, making way to a long, spice-rich finish.

For these three new expressions, CAMUS turned to Sedley Place agency to imagine a new disruptive design that not just breaks the classic codes of cognac, but is an open statement of Cyril Camus’ convictions and passion.

This new packaging is in line with CAMUS’ history of offering a distinctive and differentiated approach to a category not known for design innovation. It challenges the norms of information brevity, and a presumption of consumer knowledge, presenting the CAMUS story in an engaging and revelatory way.

In complete transparency, CAMUS presents its philosophy and commitments on the front of the box and bottle label, both signed by the hand of Cyril Camus.

The tasting notes are given pride of place on the front label and on the box, to guide the consumer on the cognac’s flavor profile.

The secret of CAMUS’ aromatic intensity is revealed by the three cornerstones of its production which are boldly stated on the box: wines distilled with the lees, unique ˝Instensity˝ distillation process ageing exclusively in small casks.

The packaging design initiates an unusual color scheme in the world of cognac, evoking the terroir and heritage of the Charente region: petrol gray recalls the flint stones - typically found in the Borderies soil - and lavender blue is a reminder that this is one of the sunniest areas of France. The touches of white and gold bring elegance, modernity and dynamism to the whole.

This exclusive design makes it possible to identify and mark this fifth generation of cognac: that of Cyril Camus.


To express its philosophy, the House of CAMUS asked Carré Noir agency (Publicis group) to redesign its strategy and brand image. Carré Noir has imagined three iconic visuals to illustrate the extreme refinement of CAMUS cognacs.

Each one, in its own way, represents ˝AN INSTANT OF INTENSITY˝ - the consequence of a series of perfect and balanced tasting notes. Bursting out of the bottles, as if suspended in time and space, these aromatic notes are a vivid yet subtle expression of the four-leaf clover, or ˝Golden Flower˝ - a symbol of unequivocal know-how. They evoke:

  • The brilliance of the alchemy revolving around each bottle contrasts with the deep satisfaction that the visuals inspire. Soon to be released all over the world, these designs will be an invitation to discover AN INSTANT OF INTENSITY of CAMUS cognac aromas.
  • for CAMUS Very Special: the energy of rich and fruity aromas, with scents of pepper
  • for CAMUS VSOP: the explosion of floral and fruity aromas, associated with notes of oak, spice and vanilla
  • for CAMUS XO: the intensity of fresh and candied fruits, associated with touches of honey, chocolate, almonds and hazelnuts.


Founded in 1863, CAMUS is the largest family-run, independent Cognac House today, owned and operated by the Camus family for five generations.

CAMUS cultivates a passion for exceptional cognacs, using a patented, bespoke distillation process whereby the “heads” are extracted and tasted liter by liter, and a small portion of them – highly concentrated in aromas - are reintegrated into the heart of the distillate to produce Intensely Aromatic Cognacs.

This method, unique to the House, creates flavor-rich cognacs, making CAMUS the most awarded cognac brand by international juries.

Under the leadership of Cyril Camus, the House of CAMUS now employs more than 300 people spread across eight countries and three continents and has subsidiaries in China and the United States, as well as local teams in Russia, China, the United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong.

Today CAMUS Wines & Spirits is an international independent distributor of a wide variety of premium third-party wines & spirits brands such as the Chinese national baijiu Kweichow Moutai in travel retail, Loudenne wines and Lambay Irish Whiskey, to name but a few.

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