What lies ahead for Brazil? The future of the FMCG, retail, and foodservice industries

What lies ahead for Brazil? The future of the FMCG, retail, and foodservice industries

Published: December 2017
Publisher: GlobalData
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Pages: 40
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GlobalData’s report on the future of the Brazilian FMCG market sheds light on industry dynamics in 2018 and beyond to 2021, providing both a consumer and industry-focused analysis. The report considers three potential economic scenarios; a continuation of the current situation, the downside and the upside. Each scenario reflects different risk assessments regarding the future of the Brazilian economy. With supporting market forecasts and consumer insight, the report suggests opportunities for investment so that players can remain agile under each situation.

The report goes into a detailed analysis of how consumer behavior and spending will be altered under three different economic outcomes and forecasts the way that macroeconomic fundamentals - GDP growth, unemployment, exchange rates, national debt and trade balances - will impact retailers, FMCG and foodservice companies with actionable insight and real-world success stories for each.


• Under the downside and baseline scenarios, consumers will down-trade and will choose to indulge themselves only on special occasions. Consumers will be characterized by cautious optimism and will prefer to socialize at home rather than going out. Contrarily, renewed optimism under the upside scenario means that Brazilians will be willing to pay a higher price for better quality products, and will willing to eat and drink out.
• Under the downside and baseline scenarios the unquestionable winners will be personal care and quick service restaurants, with dairy products showing strong performance. However, under the upside scenario full service restaurants and coffee shops will experience the strongest growth within foodservice, with alcoholic beverages and soft drinks similarly growing the fastest within retail.
• A huge opportunity lies in e-commerce, so digital strategies must be a priority under all scenarios. Further, by helping consumers during an economic downturn, companies will reap loyalty benefits in the long-run and so efforts must be made to tailor marketing and offerings for different cohorts and regions.

Reasons to buy

• The report offers different stakeholders a thorough insight into the future of the Brazilian FMCG, retail and foodservice industries by discussing how to navigate three different economic scenarios.
• The scenario-based analysis maps opportunities and challenges for such different economic outcomes and proposes a variety of tactics that companies should use to capitalize on the opportunities that each possible future offers.
• Through the discussion of best-practices, the readers can also identify potential areas of improvements, hence reformulating their strategies accordingly.

Price: $3995.00

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