Walmart in India: Local Profile, 2013

Published: July 2013

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Report description

Product Synopsis
This is a detailed report covering Walmart’s store formats, private labels, history, key employees, and key financial and operational metrics in India.

Introduction and Landscape
Why was the report written?
This is a comprehensive report covering Walmart’s operations in India. It offers an insightful analysis of the company and details of its store formats, private labels, history, news, key employees, and key financial and operational metrics.The report also presents revenues and investment strategies of the company’s key local competitors.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?
The relatively stable economy and the positive outlook increased competition in the Indian domestic retail industry. The existing competition in the industry is expected to intensify further, as the investment by foreign retailers which was initially restricted mainly to the B2B segment, is now allowed in the B2C segment, as well.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?
The report provides detailed information on Walmart’s operations and strategy in India. Additionally, it presents revenues and investment strategies of the company’s key competitors in the country.

Key Features and Benefits
The report provides comprehensive analysis of Walmart’s operations in India and is an essential tool to gain a detailed understanding of the company’s local operations.

The report presents Walmart’s strategy, which is essential in understanding the direction of the company in the coming years.

A unique table that presents the information of major retailers in India. It provides information on the retailers’ store banners, country of origin, store count, and the year of inception in India.

An insightful analysis of Walmart in India, providing details of its store formats, private labels, history, news, key employee biographies, and key financial and operational metrics.

The report provides revenue data for Walmart and its key competitors in India. Additionally, it presents investment strategies of the company’s key competitors, and this information is essential to gain an understanding of the market.

Key Market Issues
Cumbersome government rules and regulations, infrastructural bottlenecks, and economic slowdown are the key issues which will have an impact on the retail market in India.

Retailer’s operational inefficiencies such as logistical problems, storage costs and wastage will also impact the retail industry as a whole in the country.

Key Highlights
During 2013, the retailer plans to extend its cash and carry store presence to relatively smaller cities in the country.

Walmart plans to continue to focus on its backend supply chain to minimize wastage and to improve operational efficiency.

The retailer plans to leverage the differences in culture, lifestyle, taste, and food preferences amongst the Indian consumers in an effort to penetrate the Indian market effectively.

Table of contents

1 Introduction
1.1 What is the report about?
1.2 Scope
1.3 Methodology
2 Walmart India – Company Profile
2.1 Business Description
2.1.1 Store formats
2.1.2 Private labels
2.1.3 Services offered at stores
2.1.4 Programs and activities
3 Walmart India – Key Information
3.1 Financial Performance
3.2 Operational Performance
3.2.1 Store count
3.2.2 Sales per store
3.2.3 Sales per square meter
3.2.4 Revenue per employee
3.2.5 Employees per thousand square meters
3.3 Key Employees
4 Regulatory Environment
5 Walmart India – Corporate Strategy
5.1 Moderated Cash and Carry Store Expansion together with a Focus on Entering the B2C Retail Market
6 Competitive Environment
6.1 Key Cash and Carry Wholesalers in India
6.2 Revenues of Key Cash and Carry Wholesalers in India
7 Investment and Expansion Plans of Competitors
7.1 Metro
7.2 Carrefour
7.3 Tesco Plc
7.4 Booker India
7.5 Reliance Retail
8 Appendix
8.1 Walmart India – News
8.2 Events and History
8.3 About Canadean
8.4 Disclaimer

List of Tables
Table 1: Ratio Definitions
Table 2: Walmart India, Key Facts
Table 3: Walmart India’s Private Labels
Table 4: Walmart India, Key Employees
Table 5: Walmart India, Key Employee Biographies
Table 6: Key Cash and Carry Wholesalers in India
Table 7: Revenues of Key Cash and Carry Wholesalers in India (USD Million), 2012

List of Figures
Figure 1: Best Price Modern Wholesale store
Figure 2: Walmart India – Revenues (US$ Million), 2009–2012
Figure 3: Walmart India – Store Count, 2009–2012
Figure 4: Walmart India – Sales Per Store (US$ Million), 2009–2012
Figure 5: Walmart India – Sales Per Square Meter (US$), 2009–2012
Figure 6: Walmart India – Revenue Per Employee (‘000 US$), 2009–2012
Figure 7: Walmart India – Employees Per Thousand Square Meters, 2009–2012
Figure 8: Cash and Carry – Key Regulation and Features

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