New Zealand Coolers Report 2013

Published: August 2013

Publisher: Zenith International

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Report description

The New Zealand water cooler market continued its downward trend evident since 2008, with POU gains unable to compensate for bottled water losses. The total installed cooler base at the end of 2012 stood at nearly 55,000 units, a 5.1% decline on 2011. The main catalyst for the decline in numbers since 2008 has been financial stress in the business sector, with a decline in business numbers over this period.

The water cooler market is dominated by Just Water International (JWI) and Big Blue, which are ‘dual’ providers supplying both bottled and POU units. There are several middle-sized companies operating in the market but overall it remains very fragmented.

The point of use segment will continue to make further inroads and to increase its market share at the expense of a declining bottled water cooler installed base. Zenith predicts that the point of use segment will reach nearly 55% of the total market by 2017.

What this report covers

  • Market overview: comprehensive analysis of trends and developments covering units, volume and value, conversion of bottled coolers versus new POU business, water types, packaging, throughput, service and maintenance, machine types, outlets, companies, brands, regulatory environment, pricing structure and revenue analysis addressing unit rental income and bulk water sales, contract lengths and cancellation rates as well as forecasts to 2017.
  • 5 company profiles: full analysis of New Zealand’s leading operators. Profiles cover company structure, sales volume, unit placements, marketing analysis and commentary.

Table of contents

Market overview

  • BWC market, 2008-12
  • Water volume sales, 2008-12
  • POU market, 2008-12
  • POU share of total UK cooler units, 2008-12
  • Total cooler units, 2008-12

Market structure – bottled water coolers

  • BWC units, 2008-12
  • BWC volume, 2008-12
  • Throughput, 2011-12
  • Cancellations, 2011-12
  • Contract lengths
  • Outlets
  • Machine types
  • Water types
  • Legislation
  • Maintenance and additional services

Market structure – bottled water coolers

  • POU units, 2008-12
  • BWC to POU conversion, 2011-12
  • Outlets
  • Machine types
  • Rented/sold trend
  • Maintenance and additional services

Price structure and revenue indicators

  • Average monthly rental for POU and BWC, 2011-12
  • Average bottle price, 2011-12
  • Average sales price for POU, 2011-12
  • Total revenue BWC and POU, 2011-12

Leading companies

  • Leading BWC companies by number of units, 2008-12
  • Leading BWC companies by water volume, 2008-12
  • Leading BWC brands by water volume, 2008-12
  • Leading POU companies by number of units, 2008-12

Market forecast

  • BWC market, 2013-17
  • Water volume sales, 2013-17
  • POU market, 2013-17
  • POU share of total UK cooler units, 2013-17
  • Total cooler units, 2013-17

Price: $ 962.55

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