Hong Kong Food and Drink Report 2014

Published: November 2013

Publisher: Business Monitor International (BMI)

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Report description

BMI View: Consumer goods segments in Hong Kong have been relatively well developed for some time, and given the country's population of 7.15mn, investment opportunities in the food and drink market are scarce. Additionally, the economy continues to struggle following the recession of 2008-2009, with GDP growth slowing significantly to around 2% in 2012-2013; this is weighing on consumption of non-essential goods and investment. Generally speaking, most food and drink segments are highly mature, although consumers remain interested in novelty and convenience, which still provides opportunities for food and drink companies.

Headline Industry Data (local currency) ¦ 2014 per capita food consumption growth = +2.45%; forecast compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to 2017 = +2.65%

Table of contents

Chapter - BMI Industry View

Chapter - SWOT



Business Environment

Chapter - Industry Forecast

Headline Retail Forecast

Table: Total Household Spending, 2011-2018

Table: Retail Sector Spending (%), 2011-2018

Table: Headline Retail Sector Spending, 2011-2018

Table: Retail Sector Spending as % of GDP, 2011-2018

Retail Sectors Forecast

Food, Drink & Tobacco

Table: Food, Drink & Tobacco Spending, 2011-2018

Clothing & Footwear

Table: Clothing & Footwear Spending, 2011-2018

Household Goods

Table: Household Goods Spending, 2011-2018

Personal Care

Table: Personal Care Spending, 2011-2018

Household Numbers and Income Forecast

Table: Household Data, 2011-2018

Demographic Forecast

Table: Total Population, 2011-2018

Table: Population: Babies, 2011-2018

Table: Population: Young Children, 2011-2018

Table: Population: Children, 2011-2018

Table: Population: Young Teens and Older Children, 2011-2018

Table: Population: Young People, 2011-2018

Table: Population: Older Teenagers, 2011-2018

Table: Population: 21yrs +, 2011-2018

Table: Population: Young Adults, 2011-2018

Table: Population: Middle Aged, 2011-2018

Table: Population: Urban, 2011-2018

Chapter - Macroeconomic Forecasts

Economic Analysis

Table: India - Economic Activity

Chapter - Industry Risk Reward Ratings

Asia Risk Reward Ratings

Table: Asia Retail Risk Reward Ratings

Industry Risk Reward Ratings



Chapter - Market Overview

Retail Subsectors


Chapter - Competitive Landscape

Department Store Groups

Future Group

Lifestyle International


Pantaloon Retail




Marks & Spencer Reliance India

Chapter - Glossary

Chapter - Methodology

Industry Forecast Methodology


Risk Reward Rating Methodology

Table: Retail Risk Reward Ratings Indicators

Table: Weighting Of Indicators

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