Fruits and Berries - Nutrition and Health : Market Trends and Insights

Fruits and Berries - Nutrition and Health : Market Trends and Insights

Published: June 2014
Publisher: Canadean Ltd
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This report analyses the most popular  fruit and berries, how they are sourced and used in industry processed formats, how fruits have traditionally played a role as flavours and colours within the global soft drinks industry and their latest potential of bringing nutrition and health benefits. It provides a short review of current claims and the latest science behind them. Furthermore the report brings insight into the global and regional supply of raw materials, how soft drinks usage is distributed across regions and category types. The ingredient suppliers for each fruit category have been identified as well as the variety in ingredient types derived from each fruit or berry.

Key Findings
The fruit preparation and ingredient industry is increasingly identifying and refining fruit and berry based ingredients with a focus to optimize the nutritional and health beneficial qualities.
The growth in scientific evidence and associated patent protection is increasing dramatically
The supply situations of certain popular fruits are constrained whereas others are in good shape.
Raw material supply for processed ingredients are in some cases moving away for traditional export countries to new low cost production regions
The use of fruit and berries within the soft drink industry is still traditionally within the categories of juices and nectars followed by still drinks. .

Health and wellness drive global product development in the consumer products industry. Fruits and Superfruits are at the forefront of this industry trend. Products from fruits such as pomegranate, blueberry, açai, and baobab, command a premium price for their reputed beneficial effects. There are several tropical fruits that hold potential interest for the soft drinks industry. Most of these are not available commercially, due to demand and supply issues. Soft drink manufacturers are unlikely to introduce new products unless they are certain that supplies of the raw material and derived ingredients are going to be available. At the same time, procurement functions cannot guarantee contracts until launching the product and ascertaining demand. In addition, the ingredient producer has little incentive to make the necessary investment to guarantee such supplies until assured that there will be a revenue guarantee.

From the marketing point of view soft drink manufacturers have opened up new areas of the market and expand their business. Growing consumer awareness regarding the health benefits associated with the high antioxidant content of superfruits has helped to drive activity, bringing many little known fruits into the mainstream market. A rise in the largest number of new product launches marketed on a superfruits platform is being witnessed in soft drinks category primarily in the fruit drinks and wellness drinks arenas. In terms of types of fruit, pomegranate appears to have emerged as the leader; other fruits are also continuing to grow in popularity, including açai, and other berries. New fruits are emerging on the “superfruit” bandwagon, all focusing on high levels of antioxidants, often by comparison with levels in more established superfruits, and often moving into food and drinks, following a period of launches in supplement form.

The last decades of research also reveals that in addition to being abundant sources of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and microelements, fruit and berries contains key active substances, supporting a healthy lifestyle. A general agreement amongst health experts is that increased dietary intake of antioxidant compounds such as phenolics from fruits and vegetables can protect against the oxidative damage from free radicals. From the supply side there are opportunities for refining, from general ingredients to more refined natural derived functional ingredients. This may add to profitability in the fruit and berry ingredient industry, as by-products and fruit waste utilization opens new opportunities of market differentiation and new ingredient business segments. The report contains and overview of processed fruit and berries industry as well as an in depth analysis of 33 fruits and berries. 250 Pages, 218 Figures, 99 Tables

Reasons To Buy
• The readers interested in fruit processing and ingredients development gets a comprehensive overview of the potentials of using fruit and berries in future product innovations.

• The marketers of fruity beverages can identify current trends and learn about background and health capabilities per fruit.

• The procurement functions sourcing these types of ingredients gets an understanding of the current state of the raw material supply and who operates the processing industry of fruit and berry ingredients.

• Developers and nutritional experts receive a comprehensive overview of nutritional and health benefits per fruit.

Original price: $4897.00

Price: $4162.45

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